Two Prominent Clinical Research Sites Join Forces to Expand Reach, Expertise

SEATTLE – The clinical research site Seattle Women’s Health, Research and Gynecology has unveiled a new brand:  Seattle Clinical Research Center (SCRC). SCRC has merged with its Renton-based sister site Rainier Clinical Research Center (RCRC), enabling both organizations to leverage infrastructure, best practices and 60 years of clinical trials and medical expertise. The merger expands … Read more

Fall Fun Activities for Osteoporosis

Fall has officially begun along with pumpkin spice….everything! Milder weather means more people can enjoy the outdoors more. Individuals with osteoporosis are no exception. Though outings may require a little more planning, it’s possible to enjoy many fall fun activities when you have osteoporosis. Here are some ways to stay safe this season. Preventing Falls … Read more

Does Migraine Pain Spook You?

If you suffer from migraines, an attack is always lurking in shadows, waiting to strike. Just when you’re starting to feel like your old self again, you schedule plans, and BAM! Your fun night out is traded in for a dark room under the covers, riding out the head pain and other symptoms. Does migraine … Read more