Research with a Mission

Seattle Clinical Research Center chooses a non-profit organization to be the recipient of the biennial donations.

Research with a Mission is a giving initiative designed to support charitable organizations. Through this program, Seattle Clinical Research Center will make an anonymous donation on behalf of each volunteer who participates in a clinical research study with us.

This year’s recipient of Research with a Mission is the Seattle T2P2

T2P2 stands for “Towers of Tampons & Pyramids of Pads.” They are a local organization that hosts menstrual product donation drives to help Seattle’s homeless women live a little easier once a month. Pads and tampons are needed once a month but they are often hard to come by and expensive for the homeless, low income and students. People don’t think to donate these items very often but they are some of the most needed products for womxn. T2P2 hosts donation drives for pads and tampons and builds Period Packs that are waterproof, compact and include supplies for a monthly flow for easy distribution.

The previous recipient of Research with a Mission was the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) in memory of Khoosnam Mistry Commissariat. The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is the leading organization in the world fighting ovarian cancer.

Other beneficiaries of this program have been ALYN, UW Women’s Center’s Program on Human Trafficking, V-Day, the Fistula Foundation and Mama Maria Clinics.

“It is our hope that volunteers will not only be encouraged by the donation, but will also come to understand that taking part in research can provide women with a unique opportunity to contribute to better ways to maintain good health and treat disorders.”

– Dr. Kroll