clinical trials facility in Seattle

Sponsor/CRO Information

Seattle Clinical Research Center is dedicated to high quality clinical research for women and men. Since 1993, we have conducted over 300 Phase II, III, and IV studies across a range of indications and therapeutic areas. Our clinical trials facility in Seattle, Washington, covers a diverse population of potential patients.

Experienced Oversight

Ashley Fuller, MD, FACOG and Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD, MSCE, FACOG, Co-Medical Directors of Seattle Clinical Research Center, work with our team of experienced physicians, clinical research coordinators, research assistants, ultrasound technicians, and dedicated recruitment staff. Our Directors are on-site and personally supervise each study. We are committed to delivering high-quality data in compliance with Good Clinical Practice and CFR/ICH Guidelines at our clinical trials facility in Seattle.

Proven Record of Success

Our success is built on a streamlined organization, a functional facility, and a hard-working staff. We review and approve all contracts and budgets in-house, allowing for rapid study start-up and adherence to timelines. Seattle Clinical Research Center regularly receives testimonials from sponsors and monitors praising the high quality of our work, our attention to detail, and for meeting and often exceeding enrollment goals.

Reliable Volunteers

Seattle, Washington is a community that embraces research and innovation and our patients are reliable and compliant. Our dedicated recruitment team actively maintains a robust database of study volunteers, operates an in-house call center, provides eligibility review, and identifies new potential subjects. We are able to maintain recruitment portals from centralized campaigns and follow up with each referral within one business day. We have low screen fail rates and excellent retention as a result of careful subject selection and screening.

Areas of Experience: