Debunked Myths Regarding the Use of Nexplanon®

Nexplanon® is a long-acting reversible birth control implant and is one of the most effective, convenient, and safe methods available. Despite this, many myths circulate regarding the use of Nexplanon® and other implants. Though most have been debunked, it’s helpful to know about them and the facts behind each one. Keep reading to learn more about a few of these myths.

5 Debunked Nexplanon® Myths

Myth #1: The implant must stay in your arm for at least three years.

Fact: The Nexplanon® implant is approved for use for up to 3 years. However, you can choose to remove it at any time to try something different or get pregnant. Seattle Clinical Research Center is currently conducting a study to have the Nexplanon® approved for up to 5 years. 

Myth #2: The implant can move to another part of your body.

Fact: Though not typical, minimal migration is possible with birth control implants but in most cases, the implant stays put.

Myth #3: You will gain weight if you get the implant.

Fact: While weight gain is possible, it is not common for women to gain any more weight with the Nexplanon® implant than those without it. 


 Myth# 4: If you are pregnant or become pregnant while using the implant, it will interrupt the pregnancy or cause birth defects.  

Fact: Implants work primarily by thickening cervical mucus, disrupting the menstrual cycle, and preventing ovulation. These changes do not affect pregnancy or harm any fetus that is already present at insertion or that develops during the use of Nexplanon®.

Myth #5: Insertion of the implant is painful and frequently causes infection.

Fact: During the insertion of Nexplanon®, a doctor or nurse practitioner with specific training numbs the area, then makes a small incision. A special inserter is used to place the thin rod-shaped implant under the skin of the upper arm. No stitches are needed, and there are no noticeable scars. Some minimal bruising and soreness are expected, resolving after a day or two. Infections can occur, but they are rare.

Improving the Perception of Nexplanon® Through Research

Although there are some misconceptions surrounding the use of birth control implants, the devices are becoming more popular as these myths are debunked by the medical community. Research is also helping doctors and patients better understand the benefits of implants like Nexplanon® as well as other birth control options.

Long term birth control might be the answer for you

Seattle Clinical Research Center is seeking women with an existing Nexplanon® implant to join our enrolling studies. If you currently have a Nexplanon® and would like to learn more information about our study,  call us at (206) 522-3330 or visit our website.