Give Back this Season

Whether you are ringing a bell at your local grocery store for donations or cleaning out kennels at the local animal shelter, this season is about giving back. At Seattle Clinical Research Center, our passion is women’s healthcare and clinical research. Clinical research helps discover which medical approaches work with an illness or a group of people. Volunteers participating in these trials make these advances possible. If you are looking for a meaningful way to give back, participating in clinical research is a significant way to contribute which can also lead to new treatments for medical conditions. 

What is a Clinical Trial?

To better understand medical conditions along with how to treat and prevent them, we must conduct clinical trials. Clinical trials involve volunteers that help researchers determine if a potential new treatment option or device is safe and effective. Each participant is under the close supervision of a physician and a team of research professionals. Every medication currently available was once available only in a clinical trial.

Each volunteer is given detailed study information, including the risks and possible benefits during informed consent. Informed consent is a process that provides each volunteer with all the information to make an informed decision about whether to participate. Participating in a clinical trial is 100% voluntary. If you need to stop, you can.

Right now, some people have tried everything and remain without adequate treatment for their condition. It may be due to certain co-existing medical conditions, or that their body cannot process them safely. The goal of clinical research is to ensure there are effective treatments for everyone.  

Participation Benefits

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Knowing that you helped advance medicine for future generations is one of the many benefits of participating in a clinical trial. Learning more about your condition, taking an active role in your healthcare, and access to new treatments are others. Many studies offer reimbursement for time and travel, as well. 

All types of volunteers are needed from every gender, ethnicity, age, and health condition. Healthy volunteers, along with those diagnosed with specific medical conditions, are vital in every stage of the trial process.  

Research with a Mission

Every year, a non-profit is chosen by our site to receive the bi-annual donations. Through this program, an anonymous contribution is made by Seattle Clinical Research Center on behalf of each volunteer that participates in a clinical research study with us. Our 2019 organization for Research with a Mission is the National Vulvodynia Organization.

 “It is our hope that volunteers will not only be encouraged by the donation but will also come to understand that taking part in research can provide women with a unique opportunity to contribute to better ways to maintain good health and treat disorders.”

– Dr. Kroll

Seattle Clinical Research Center has conducted countless clinical trials that have been instrumental in bringing better treatment options to the market for women’s health. Participating in women’s health clinical research allows us to learn better ways to keep in good health and treat disorders that are specific to women. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

To learn more about volunteering in a clinical trial, or to view our currently enrolling studies, call (206) 522-3330, or visit our website