International Youth Day and Teen Migraine

International Youth Day is on August 12. It focuses on the difficulties that some young people are experiencing throughout the world. Migraine is typically thought of as an adult issue, but it affects children too. Approximately 10% of school-age children suffer from migraines. Up to 28% of teens between 15-19 years are also affected by it. Through the International Youth Day annual celebration, teens experiencing migraine symptoms can play a unique role in advancing solutions to treat this condition.

International Youth Day

The theme for 2021 is “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.” The priorities highlighting efforts this year explore the role that youth can play to achieve more equitable and sustainable food systems. Sustainable, healthier food is vital to the overall well-being of every population. However, many issues such as poverty, social inclusion, health care, conservation, and climate change are roadblocks many communities face that negatively impact their food systems.

Group of teens looking at a computer screen

Without the meaningful participation of our youth, achieving the success of any global effort is an impossibility. Through youth education, engagement, innovation, and entrepreneurial solutions, young people can become active members of our global society. Each is encouraged to use this opportunity to continue the momentum towards transforming food systems.

Food and Migraines

When you have migraines, what you consume can sometimes trigger an attack. For instance, some individuals experience more migraine attacks after eating processed foods. Missing meals is also another common trigger for some. Even if food isn’t a trigger, a well-balanced diet is something everyone with migraines can benefit from. Consuming a diet of five or six small servings of fresh food during the day can decrease frequency of attacks in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Preventing hunger-based headaches
  • Reducing the likelihood of eating multiple foods or ingredient triggers at once
  • Helps in avoiding weight gain

The American Migraine Foundation says that examining ones eating habits is the first step. A headache diary is a tool that tracks what you eat, along with the frequency and severity of headaches. How well you respond to your treatments should also be recorded. The diary information helps identify patterns of potential migraine triggers and tracks current treatment progress. Thus, giving you the power to decrease their frequency and better manage your condition.

Get Involved in Advancing Options for Teen Migraines.

Events to celebrate International Youth Day 2021 take place all around the world. Eating healthier to manage your migraine symptoms is a contribution that you can make that will benefit you and the planet.  You can encourage others by organizing or attending an event in your community, school, youth club, or workplace. Visit the United Nations website to learn more about how you can get involved.

28% of teens experience migraines

Another way you can celebrate International Youth Day is by considering participation in clinical research studies. As a teen with migraines, your experiences with this condition help advance what we know about it. Ultimately, the more we understand a condition, the better we can develop safer, more effective ways to treat it. To learn more about enrolling teen migraine studies here at Seattle Clinical Research Center, call (206) 522-3330 or visit our website today!