28% of Women Use the Pill: Local Practice Seeks to Provide Best Options for Birth Control

Local physicians are offering a unique approach to patient care by finding women who are an ideal match for a birth control pill.

SEATTLE, WA – One of the most common methods of contraception is the birth control pill. There are many options currently on the market, but some women still struggle to find the right fit.

Each woman’s experience with the birth control pill is unique. Hormones affect every woman differently, causing bothersome side effects in some and enhanced wellbeing in others.

 “There are constantly new types of birth control pills being introduced to the market. Because of the abundance of options, we are now more likely to find the perfect fit for our patients,” says Gynecologist, Dr. Robin Kroll, of Seattle Clinical Research Center.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 28% of women use the birth control pill. That is over 10 million women in the United States who are trying to find a pill that works in sync with their body, their hormones, and their menstrual cycle.

The pill is still the most widely used method of contraception for several reasons. Many women use the birth control pill to make their menstrual cycles more regular with lighter bleeding and less cramping or to treat acne, never mind the pill’s 95% effectiveness at preventing unwanted pregnancy. 

 “Our doctors at Seattle Clinical Research Center strive to have the most advanced options of birth control available to our patients,” states Dr. Kroll.

Clinical trials are providing physicians with more birth control pill options to offer patients. Seattle Clinical Research Center, known for conducting successful birth control trials, continues to offer more trials to women now!

 “There are numerous benefits to researching a new birth control pill. The information obtained in a clinical trial helps physicians all over the world understand the patient benefits of the pill,” states Dr. Kroll.

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About Seattle Clinical Research Center:

Seattle Clinical Research Center is dedicated to providing exemplary health care for women of all ages. We offer a unique practice that integrates preventative care and medical treatment in addition to cutting-edge research. Our approach creates a standard of excellence in the specialized care of women. Seattle Clinical Research Center is led by Robin Kroll, MD, and is staffed by physician team Robin Kroll, MD, Philip DuBois, MD, and Nancy Tipton, MD.