Are You Dealing with a Weakened Immune System?

It can sometimes feel like we’re constantly battling a cold or flu. Depending on the daily habits we have or don’t have, our immune system can be weakened, leaving us more susceptible. Are you dealing with a weakened immune system? Learn more in our latest blog about the top causes and how to best treat weak immunity.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Suppressed Immune System:

A weakened immune system can be tricky to detect. Although, if you tend to get sick quickly – catching a cold from anyone with a sniffle nearby – there’s a chance that your immunity is lagging. Feeling run down and exhausted, facing a longer-than-usual cold or flu, or having frequent headaches or aches and pains could easily be symptoms of a weakened immune system.  In addition to these common signs, other tell-tale signs can include an increased susceptibility to frequent infections, such as bronchitis or sinus infections, and a slow recovery from illnesses. Additionally, serious possibilities can manifest if a weakened immune system is left untreated – such as blood disorders like anemia and organ failure.

Elderly woman sick and blowing her nose.

Reasons for Fragile Immunity:

Our immune system acts as a shield against disease. Weakened immunity can be caused by many factors, ranging from our environment to health conditions and more. Here are four reasons why you may be facing a weakened immune system:

  • Allergies: Having allergies can take a significant toll on the body, affecting the function of white blood cells, which are like the soldiers of your immune system protecting you from invading germs (and sometimes, attacking harmless allergens like pollen). So, if you’re dealing with allergy symptoms, don’t ignore them.
  • Cold Weather: When it’s cold outside, our bodies expend extra energy to maintain our body temperature, sacrificing energy that it otherwise would have used to strengthen immunity. Furthermore, since we’re confined indoors near others during chilly weather, illnesses are more likely to spread quickly due to the higher concentration of germs and bacteria in a contained area.
  • Diseases: From the common cold to something more serious, illnesses take up all your energy and resources, leaving little left to fight off other ailments. Some significant causes are diseases such as HIV and AIDS, which deplete a person’s resources to fight off pathogens in their body. Other chronic ailments—such as allergies and asthma—can weaken the immune system.
  • Lifestyle: Unfortunately, certain lifestyles may harm our health. Too much stress or too little rest can weaken our body’s natural defense mechanisms. As well as unhealthy diets that lack vital nutrients.

How To Treat a Weakened Immune System:

Taking care of a weakened immune system can be daunting, but there are some easy steps to keep your system as strong as possible. Eating healthily and getting plenty of rest is essential for allowing your body to restore itself naturally. Exercise is also important, as it helps improve circulation, which helps fight off infection. Proper hygiene and hand-washing can also prevent a pathogen from infecting your body in the first place. If you feel like you’re coming down with something, consult  a doctor and take the appropriate steps to minimize potential damage.

When possible, vaccination is one of your best defenses against getting sick. Not only does it help strengthen your immunity overall, but it can help protect those around you. These combined steps can help you stay healthy and immunized against as much harm as possible!

There's power in vaccination - you can do it!

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