Hot Flashes Affect 80% of Women: Research Trial Aims to Provide Potential New Options

Local physicians are seeking volunteers for hot flash clinical trials, aiming to find potential new treatment options.

SEATTLE, WA – Hot flashes tend to be the most common complaint from women going through menopause. Women who are experiencing hot flashes may feel like they have limited treatment options, but local researchers are seeking alternative options.

Hot flashes are a sudden rush of heat through the upper body and face. Women can experience redness and may also sweat. In addition to causing discomfort, hot flashes can cause loss of sleep.

There are current treatments available to help alleviate symptoms of hot flashes, but continued research is needed to find effective therapies for all women.

Seattle Clinical Research has extensive experience conducting clinical trials on hot flashes and has been involved in trials evaluating all of the hot flash medications that are currently on the market. 

 “Hot flashes can have a significant effect on quality of life for many menopausal women,” says Gynecologist, Dr. Robin Kroll, of Seattle Clinical Research Center.

Hot flashes affect about 80% of women in their lifetime. Each woman’s experience with hot flashes is different, some may experience them for months, and some may experience them for years. Hot flashes can start before menopause and carry on after it as well.

“Clinical research plays a vital role in the search to understand hot flashes and to find new treatment options,” states Dr. Kroll.

Clinical trials can offer hope for those who do not have success with current treatment options. Trials provide potential access to treatments before they become available to the public.

“Volunteering to participate in research helps participants understand their condition better, provides screenings like mammograms, cervical cancer screening and pelvic exams at no cost, as well as helping to bring new treatments to women who are suffering,” states Dr. Kroll.

To learn more about hot flash studies, click here. Those that take part in clinical trials are seen by board-certified gynecologists at no cost and may receive compensation for time and travel.

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