AJOVY FDA Approved for the Preventative Treatment of Migraines and is Now Available in Pharmacies

On September 14, 2018 the FDA approved AJOVY (fremanezumab-vfrm) injection for the preventative treatment of migraines in adults. The medication is an injectable calcitonin-gene-related peptide (CGRP) antagonist. This is the second anti-CGRP treatment that has recently been approved. This treatment is available in both quarterly and monthly injections. AJOVY can be self-administered or administered in office by a health care professional.  Seattle Clinical Research Center is pleased to have been involved in the clinical trials leading to the approval of this novel treatment.

“We are so proud to have contributed data for this approval.  Our experience with migraine patients has shown us that there is a significant unmet need for effective treatment options with favorable side effect profiles.  AJOVY fills this niche, along with the other recently approved treatment,” comments Dr. Robin Kroll, Director of Seattle Clinical Research Center.

“Migraine is a disabling neurological disease that affects more than 36 million people in the United States,” said Stephen Silberstein, MD, Director, Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and lead investigator of the Phase III clinical trial program for AJOVY. “About 40 percent of people living with migraine may be appropriate candidates for preventive treatment, yet the majority of them are untreated. I am pleased to have another treatment option that may allow my patients to experience fewer monthly migraine days.”

Seattle Clinical Research Center, under the leadership of our Principal Investigator Dr. Robin Kroll, has conducted over 15 migraine studies.  Many of these studies have included the recently approved treatments AJOVY and Aimovig. We continue to conduct clinical trials on these classes of migraine drugs, where subjects are offered early access to these medications as well as compensation for time and travel. For information on our current studies, please give us a call at 206-522-3330 x 2.